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Template Powerpoint Keren – Free Download 999+ Slides

Powerpoint Template With MORPH Transition Animation – Template Powerpoint Keren

No one makes presentation without templates nowadays because this is something they really need to decorate their slides and it is important. Though the crucial part is material, but decoration is made to support your material and it will entertain audience inside the meeting room. You can use template powerpoint keren with many slides given to you so you can maximize it with your material and create the best presentation for your job.

Free Powerpoint Template Keren List:

1. ALPHA Powerpoint Template

Gradient Purple Green color combination elegant template that suitable for business presentation purposes with morph animation

2. The First PPT Template

free powerpoint templates animation

The Black Red Crimson color combination template with 30 slides. with a diagonal line makes the presentation more attractive

3. Yellow White Rionan Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint Templates Morph Transition

Yellow white simple design with morph animation include in 30 slides presentation

4. Business Powerpoint Template

Business Powerpoint Templates

Grey color minimalist business presentation template with wave slice design style

5. Clean Presentation Template

Clean Ocean Blue presentation theme with animation include. Make your presentation more solid and confident with these template.

6. Dark Red Presentation Template

preview image Template PPT dark red free download

Simple Style Dark Red Presentation Template with morph animation

Animation Preview Here:

Image Preview Here:

template powerpoint keren

Template Powerpoint Keren Has Morph Transition Animation

What you need is not only material, confidence and also the best explanation to present what you have done with your work but also decoration for your slides.

If you want to design your slides, you can go to www.gianttemplate.com to see so many different types of template you can download and also apply directly onto the plain slides you have.

No need to search for the picture separately anymore.

The uniqueness about this powerpoint template keren is you can see the perfect and also beautiful Morph transition animation that will make your slide become alive so the audience might not be bored anyway in looking at your presentation.

Not all templates have this feature and only the cool one has it so you need to earn it if you want to bring such a perfect ambience inside the meeting room now.

Powerpoint Template Keren is Completed with Animation

The powerpoint templates have pttx format and it is all for personal use only because it can’t be sold for commercial since you download it for free from Giant Template site.

You can use it for formal presentation because the picture as the background behind is so perfect and supportive. The pictures are all about something you can see at your office or things related to the job so it is suitable for all different situation.

This free download template powerpoint Keren comes in 40 slides with different designs, patterns, animations and many more. This is the strong point from other free slides.

Others might give you 5 only but this will give you 40 slides so you can maximize it and put all your material there without being confused to add more slides in a different theme. 40 slides are enough for you to decorate all your slides.

Free Download Template Powerpoint Keren in 40 Slides

Though you get 40 slides, the users don’t need to be confused in editing it because all slides are created to make people can edit it easily.

If you don’t want to edit, you just need to fill the slides with your content to the boxes given.

However, if you need something more, then you can go to download again free powerpoint template 2018 to search for more 40 slides with a different theme but it is still cool to apply on your slide.

Animation Preview

The advantage using PPT Template Keren

The plus point is every slide has animation included so the users don’t need to add animation separately if they want to make a presentation in a short time.

No need to change the size because once you set the template onto the slides, all slides will be changed onto the theme and if you insert a new slide, automatically the slide will be shown with a template so you don’t need to waste more time in decorating.
Which is why template powerpoint Keren is needed nowadays to make a presentation because it is not only about the material but also about appearance.


Template Powerpoint Keren with simple animation.

– morph transition ready.
– pttx format
– 40 Slide easy to edit.
– All Slide include with animation
– For Personal Use Only

Powerpoint Template Keren V.2 Vision Blue

template powerpoint keren

Use Background ppt Keren with other Image

Vision PPT Keren V2 using dominant blue color with a combination using other colors. This background ppt Keren V2 use image background presentation to make your presentation more attractive for your audience. Just pick your background ppt Keren and change the image with your own image. Create your great presentation using powerpoint template Keren V2.

Vision PPT Template Keren suitable for business presentation, marketing presentation, product presentation, and for a student that need a presentation for Skripsi. Keren PPT template using balance color combination to help the audience stay focused on your presentation. Use PPT Template Keren V2 only available on personal use only. If you want to use this template for commercial you can contact us on the contact page.

Copyright: Free for personal use only

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