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Technology Free Powerpoint Template

Technology Free PowerPoint Template That is Simple but Still Attractive

Technology Free Powerpoint Template. Simple and cool design suitable for creative and technology presentation themes. 30 Slides include animation for personal use only.

Creating an attractive PowerPoint presentation appears to be a necessity today. This serves to attract the audience’s interest to stay focused on the material you are presenting. This is done in all types of presentation content, including technology. People who present in technology are usually known for their heavy and boring topics. To erase this assumption, you can use this technology free PowerPoint templates. This template has an interesting concept, but still has elements of technology that are known to be serious.

The concept of a technology theme template

Blue colors will be the dominant color in this template. This free PowerPoint template has a blue background with a darker gradation. This template has 30 types of slides, consisting of slides for the title page and slides for presentation content. This PowerPoint template uses Roboto and Roboto Black type letters (for the title) as the default letters. However, you can change it if you have other types of font concepts.

The font color itself uses the type of periwinkle color. The use of this color is very appropriate because there are differences in color contrast between the dark background and lighter letters. Another distinctive feature of this template is that, in some types of slides, there are additional features with a large number of curved line motifs, which make it look like a picture of a wave.

Animation, transition, and image

In the free PPT design with this technology concept, a transition has been embedded in each slide. The type and speed of the transition are still very normal so that it does not interfere with the serious concept of your presentation. Also, each slide has written “technology” on the left and right of the slide in a vertical position. This will reinforce your presentation that explains the content about technology.

In addition to the transition, the animation feature has also been embedded in each slide. The animation used is the appearance of the part of the sentence or paragraph that appears. For example, on the title page slide, the words “technology” will appear first then followed by the title of the presentation. The speed of the animation is also relatively fast and will not interfere with attention or reduce the value of seriousness in your presentation.

In some of the slides on the technology free PowerPoint template also has an available template for placing images. The template images also have standard shapes, such as square, rectangle, or circle. This is following the concept of presentation technology that is not too crowded in terms of content and shape. There are template images that have somewhat different shapes, such as the S and Z shapes of the Tetris game block but are fatter.

The suitable type of presentation material is displayed with this template

So, with this simple and serious concept but still aesthetic, what kind of presentation material is suitable to be displayed? If you want to display scientific material about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) then this template is perfect for you. Also, this technology free PowerPoint template is suitable for those of you who work in the startup and technology industries. The impression is simple but still attractive to look at can have an audience if you are presenting.

Technology Free Powerpoint Template preview
  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace the image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only
  • pttx. format

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