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Minimalist Free Google Slide Template

Create a Cool Presentation Slide with Minimalist Free Google Slide Template

Most of the presenters don’t want to create too complicated presentation template. What they need is that they can share important information. Although simply the presentation template has to be eye-catching. If you have the same intention, you can just use a minimalist free Google slide template. The information below is the detail in the template that will support your presentation. 

Soft Colors 

The colors of this minimalist slide presentation template are soft. It is comfortable enough even if the audience has to watch the slides for a few hours. The combination of white, black, and cream or pink gradients is perfect. It looks soft and eye-catching to see. By using such kind of bright colors, your audience will see your presentation as well as the presentation slides from the beginning until the end of the session. Due to the soft colors, they will also get the point of your presentation. 

Regular Design with Fresh Look 

When you see all the slides, they are using regular design. All of them are using white as the background of the template. Then, it is combined with rectangular and square pink and cream gradient to make the template balance. The best part is that the combination creates a fresh look. It is a suitable Powerpoint presentation template for those who want to present something with a modern style. 

The Use of The Minimalist Template 

One of the benefits of using this free Google slide template is that you can use it for any kind of presentation. The minimalist design is suitable for formal or informal presentations. Let’s say, you can use the template to present your new products. You just have to put the images of the product and give the complete details. It might be a fashion, furniture, accessories, and many more. You can also use this template to introduce your best team to the audience as well as your services and facilities. The template is designed for presenters who need to add more than one image. You just need to drag those images to the templates and manage them well. That’s it! You are ready to present the slide. 

The Detail of the Minimalist Powerpoint Presentation Template 

This minimalist powerpoint presentation template is free to download. You are about to get up to 30 different slides. All of the slides are supported by a morph transition. Moreover, the template is supported by a unique font such as a Roboto font. What you need to know is that the images are not included. You have to collect some images that you need to create a great presentation slide. When you get all the images, just drag the images to the template and start to manage it well before using it as a presentation slide. 

Minimalist Free Google Slide Template preview
  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace the image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only

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