Green Free Background Powerpoint Template with Animation preview

Green Free Background Powerpoint Template with Animation

Want a Fresh Template? Try the Green Free Background

Green Free Background Powerpoint Template with Animation. Background PPT design available with 30 slides for personal use only. Master slide ready with animation for your presentation. Easy to edit the image, you can replace with your own. Enjoy the template and save your time to create an awesome presentation.

PowerPoint Template with Animation

Finding the right template for presentations has become an important activity, especially for Microsoft PowerPoint users. This is caused by, with a beautiful presentation and following the topic presented, the audience will pay more attention to the presentation material, not feel bored, and their eyes will be spoiled because of their attractive appearance. One unique template that you can try is the green free background PowerPoint template with animation. What is the uniqueness of this template?

What are the contents of the PowerPoint template?

This PowerPoint template has a very fresh concept because the background color is white with the addition of a dominant green color. This template has 30 slides with different views. There is a slide for the title page with a very distinctive and eccentric appearance, with a collection of leaves at the top right and bottom left. This template also has many types of slides for its content, such as slides content with views that resemble the title page but with a smaller collection of leaves, the concept of lush leaves, leaves that are used as point and bullet sizes, etc.

This free PPT design also has a default font type to use, namely Roboto for content and Roboto Black for the title. You can change the font type, but the Roboto type is the most suitable type for this green free background PowerPoint template with animation display type. Another unique thing is the title letter or word has 2 tone colors, namely one dark green and one light green, like the color of the leaf.

Unique animation and picture template

Another uniqueness of this template is that this template has been given animation and transition in each of its slides. Regarding the transition, the type of transition used between the slides and the speed is still within normal limits, so it’s not too tacky. The exciting thing is that there is an animation that is used mainly in leaf drawings. An example is the title page slide that contains a collection of leaves on its side, if you use the slide show feature, then the leaf collection will appear one by one.

Another unique feature of this free PowerPoint templates is that in some slides, there is a one-leaf cut that you can add images to. Once added, the image will have a piece that is similar to the leaf or template images. The template images that have a leaf with various sizes and functions. Some leaves are small in size and amount to 3 strands in comparison or there is a picture of a very large leaf. Also, in this slides provided slides that include charts both pie charts and bar graphs. This will make it easier for you because the concept and color of the graphics are appropriate. You only need to change the data.

A suitable type of presentation

Now, let’s discuss the presentation theme as to what is suitable for using this green free background PowerPoint template with animation. This free PowerPoint template is perfect for those of you who want to present material in the environmental, biological, or botanical fields. This is caused by the appearance that is identical to the shades of green on each slide. Or, if you are a teacher and you want to provide material about the environment or biology, this template can also be used. Different colors and animations will give your students a pleasant appearance.

Green Free Background Powerpoint Template with Animation cover
  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace the image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only
  • pttx. format

Password: green843

Animation preview video here: