Google Slide Template Red Minimalist Keren

Google Slide Template Keren

30 Slide Free Download Google Slide Template Keren

Simple Design Google Slide Template presentation free download.  Simple red color design with the minimalist concept. you just need to replace text and image to make your elegant presentation. Create your best own presentation with google slide theme Keren. Image previews dan download link here:

Choosing the Right Google Slide Template Background

Besides free download PowerPoint template, there is also Google slide template that you can download on the internet. Because Google slide is another popular and famous alternative media to create a presentation besides PowerPoint.

When it comes to creating a presentation, one of the things that you must consider is the background. Because a background quite dominates the presentation, whether you use PowerPoint or Google slide.

So, when you look for free download Google slide template keren, you also must consider the available background. Below are the tips to choose the right and proper background for Google slide template.

Choose A Background with Contrast Colors with the Texts and Graphics

Choosing a background that has contrast colors with the texts and graphics is the easiest and most standard choice. Because you just need to differentiate the colors of the Google slide background with the graphics of texts that you use.

If your presentation background is dark, then it will be better if you use brighter colors for the texts and graphics.

Choose Background with Gradient Colors

This second tip is also a good option to choose the right background of Google slide template free. Choosing a background with gradient colors can be an option to make your presentation looks professional and attractive.

It is not difficult to make a gradient background if you make your presentation by yourself. You are able to use Photoshop or directly make it in PowerPoint by using the gradient feature available in the program.

Choose Textured Background

Besides using colored Google slide backgrounds, you are also able to play with textured backgrounds. When you decide to use a textured presentation background, it will be better if you choose the one that is soft and not striking or flashy.

This way, the attention of your audiences will still be focused on the information your deliver during your presentation. You can use Photoshop to create textured presentation backgrounds. But if you are not really good in using Photoshop, you are able to look for textured backgrounds on the internet.

Choose Black and White Photos as Background

Another interesting way to create contrast between texts and photo background is by using black and white photos or pictures. In order to make your photos or pictures become black and white, you are able to use the feature of color saturation that is available in PowerPoint.

Choose Blurred Photo Background

This tip is a smart way to make your audiences focus more on the information you deliver than the photo background. Choosing a blurred photo background will also be able to make your presentation slides look more unique and attractive.

So, how do you make the photos or pictures become blurred? You can just use the feature of blur effect that is available in PowerPoint. A blurred photo background is also suitable for Google slide templates business.

Those are the tips to choose the right and proper background for your Google slide. By applying those tips, the background will not interrupt the actual information that you deliver.