Free Google Slide template Gradient Cover

Free Google Slide template Gradient

Free Google Slide template Gradient. This presentation includes gradient shape and easy image replace. Creative shape and proportional looking create a professional atmosphere for your audience. Easy to edit and suitable for a creative, startup, mobile apps, another presentation purpose.

Free Google Slide Template Gradient: The Most Favorite Theme

Are you looking for a cheerful but stylish theme for your presentation? Free google slide template gradient would be your answer. This slide template provides you with a combination of bright colors, like pink and purple. Although the colors seem to be girly, after seeing it, you will be stunned by how the author of this slide template gives you another perspective of looking at it. Besides, this template also uses a white color background, and this color suits the theme background, which is called by gradient theme.

Gradient means the integration of two or three colors. If the color suits each other, it will give another new color in the gradient. Most people like to use gradient themes for their presentation since it can give the people who see it another point of view of your presentation. This free google slide template gradient fits with delightful contents of the presentation, like field trip reports or lecture notes. This template facilitates you to share your satisfaction with what you are trying to deliver to your audiences. Thus, what makes this google slide template different from the others?

Curved shape

One thing that makes gradient color free google slides presentation distinctive from the others is its curved shape on each slide of it. Every slide that you want to be presented has a different curved shape. This curved shape creates a creative and amusing outlook from the template. Since the shape is different for each slide, you will not get bored of seeing it. 

Iconic picture

This free presentation template google slide has an iconic figure at the end of the slide given. These pictures can be utilized as a representative image of your presentation contents. By using these images in your presentation, your viewers will quickly understand the general idea of your presentation in a second just before they read all your content. 

Font colors

Most of the presentation template you know uses one font color in their presentation. Well, the gradient template utilizes at least two different colors on its slides, like blue and white. The selection of font color depends on the background color used in each slide. For instance, if the slide background uses white color, then the font color that should be used is blue. The combination of white background color, blue font color, and gradient of pink and purple curved shape is really fascinating!

In general, this presentation template contains 30 different options for the slide that you can choose. Each slide has its place to add pictures or images to your presentation, so you do not have to worry where you should put your picture in your presentation. It also does not require you much effort just to add and replace the image. Moreover, all of the facilities given by this template will ease you in creating your best presentation! This template is free to take for personal use only. The type of font used in this presentation is Roboto font, one of the most used fonts for presentation. Well, after knowing this free google slide template gradient, why don’t you try one?

  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace the image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only

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