Free Google Slide Template Business Presentation cover

Free Google Slide Template Business Presentation

Free Google Slide Template Business Presentation will help you clear the presentation. Business presentation is important to deliver your work to the colleague and executive.

It’s not enough to do a great performance in business. Businessmen have to master how to make a great presentation. Whether it’s a report, proposal, or expository presentation, make sure the audience will get the point well. It’s also important to make the audience entertained and not bored with the presentation. With this template, fulfilling all of these things above is not hard.

This Free Google Slide Template is dominated with a rectangle shape. The rectangle shape gives the impression of strength and boldness. If you are under pressure of executive, this bold and strong presentation might defend you. The strong stance in the presentation will also make the presenter looks confident. It also gives a professional look that will make the executives convinced about the works done.

The layout of the picture won’t make the audience bored. Even if the pictures are grayscale, the positioning makes it interesting. Changing from the top, bottom left, and right makes the eyes of the audience constantly moves. It will prevent the audience to be bored to stare at the same direction and the same picture format. This template has 30 different 

Moreover, the positioning of the rectangle to overlay the picture is a great design idea. As the audience’s attention is drawn into the picture, the attention will propagate into the text on the overlay textbox. It’s a great way to take the audience’s focus on the presentation. The overlay is also not enough to give an interesting lap, but it doesn’t cover too much of the pictures. If the proportion is not right, the picture is easy to add and drag.

As the examples show, this Free Google Slide Template Business Presentation is recommended to be equipped with a bold black and white photo. Photo with black and white color combination will also work. The black and white colors will strengthen the impression of strength and bold. 

This presentation will give the professional look to the presenter. The straight lines and the sharp edge of the rectangle accentuate the impression. Moreover, the black and white color play also intensifies the assertive atmosphere. This template could bring the executive and senior to put regard to the presenter. While colleagues and junior will put their respect as see the strong stances of the presenter.

Another strong point of this template is the space partition. The ratio between the picture, text, rectangle, and the empty space is perfect. Every slide, the audience will keep entertained to the picture, while still gaining focus on the text. The empty space is also enough to prevent the presentation feel crowded and stuffy. The slide feels roomy enough but still has a point. It’s a perfect ratio of entertainment, content, and space.

The default color palette is blue. But it’s easy to swap the color to your liking. There is bold and strong color palette that will easily swap the overall presentation color. It’s also possible to change the color by selecting one by one object. If it’s done that way, remember to keep the color harmonized together. By choosing the color one by one, it’s also easy to lose the bold nuances.

This template is completed with thirty slides. The large variety of the slides are also completed with morph transition. To run the morph transition, make sure you are using office 365 or office 2019. Outside that software, the morph transition might not work. This Free Google Slide Template Business Presentation free for personal use only.

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  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace the image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only

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