education free powerpoint template

Education Free Powerpoint Template

Education Free Powerpoint Template with 30 slides suitable use for teaching presentation. Simple and clean design with a blue gradient color. Compatible with a new morph transition presentation.

Education Free PowerPoint Template 2019

Here we provide you the education free PowerPoint template. As its name suggests, you can use it for free as long as it is for personal use only. The templates consist of 30 slides and it will be suitable for those who are teaching. The design is clean and simple but will not make it bleak or boring. Since catching the attention of your students might require a series of efforts, you need to try this template for your teaching job.

Another interesting thing about our education free PowerPoint template is that you can customize the content. You just need to drag the picture and drop it on the template, change the font, make the content, and so on. By using our templates, you do not need to design the slides from scratch.

For your information, it takes time to design a PowerPoint presentation from the blank canvas. On the other hand, the preset themes provided by the app might not be unique enough and very standard. This is your chance to make a unique yet appealing presentation to teach your students. 

Highlight the take-home message

So, if you are using our free PowerPoint template downloads for teaching, there are several things you need to do manually. For example, you need to highlight the take-home message. Both you and your students would not miss the important information by then. The template is already simple and fun to see. Still, you need to sort things so your students would get the main idea.

For example, take the summary slide to show the main topic and what your students should do after the presentation. At the end of the presentation, you can also highlight the main point of the whole presentation. Make sure that the presentation is not just attractive from the look but it also serves a clear purpose.


Pictures are needed in every aspect. It is not only suitable for selling products but also for telling your students about the important facts. Some teachers even choose to make a graphic instead of a series of writings. If you should include many words, you might try to make mind maps instead. 

Also, make sure that your presentation is not too cluttered. You do not want your student to get lost inside the pictures without knowing what is going on. So, even though the presentation slide is simple and free, you should equip it with a purposeful content for the students in the first place.

Have Fun Teaching is not a boring job for sure. However, some people consider teaching as a job that requires a high level of seriousness. On the other hand, your students might be afraid of their teacher because of the too-serious face pulled out every time the teacher gets in the room. So, you need to have fun while teaching. This will allow you to have a fun class and the communication can go two ways. We highly recommend you to use our education free PowerPoint template to help your teaching presentation.

education free powerpoint template
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