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Black and White Free Powerpoint Template

Black and White Free Powerpoint Template download. Modern and simple design presentation on powerpoint presentation software. 30 design include the master template. Easy to edit the image, just drag and drop your personal image. Personal use only images JPG on preview doesn’t include on presentation download link.

Black and White Free PowerPoint Template 2019

Until 2019, the black and white free PowerPoint template is one of the most popular template options chosen for presentations. Black and white would always be a perfect pair on every occasion and aspect. Here we have a free template for PowerPoint presentation. You can download it for free.

Besides for free, you will get 30 slides with some format and all of them have been designed well to show your work. This template is suitable for those who will pitch their ideas, show their photograph works, and so on. This is also a good template if you want to audience focus on you. So, feel free to use our black and white free PowerPoint template for your presentation.

Why We Use Black and White

There are various reasons why we should stick to these two colors. Black and white will make anything look clear without making your audience fatigue. On the other hand, black and white will always suit with any type of color scheme. So, if you want to show your photograph, the house you are selling, the content you are teaching, these colors will help you.

Do not Fatigue the Clients

No matter this is your client or audience, you cannot make them fatigue due to your presentation slides. It is fine if you only show two or six slides with a colorful color scheme. However, it will be very tiring if you should present at least 50 colorful slides to them. This is why we provide free PowerPoint template downloads with black and white color.

Keep the Focus

 As we have mentioned earlier, when you are doing your presentation, you want the audience to focus on what you say. If you use too much design on your presentation, people will wonder why you use the template instead of the material you are presenting. Using a black and white presentation template from use will allow you to get more focused content while the audience will be focusing on your content too. It has something to do with what you put on your presentation. If you put a picture, do not use too many words under it. Use your words while you speak.

Slides with No Borders

Our template provides slides without borders. It will look really good if you present a picture on the slide. Borders might seem good but it will change the message of your picture. So, if you want to make the picture looks natural, you better leave it with no border. Black and white colors will help to bring out the best side of the picture. Later, your part is to explain anything you want to say through the picture. Do not forget to put a caption for each picture to give a hint of your work.

Making a presentation should be easy. However, it will take a lot of your time if you make the slide from a blank white page. Using our theme will save you time in so many ways. You just need to drag and drop the picture you want to use and insert the caption. Our black and white free PowerPoint template can even be customized.

Black and White Free Powerpoint Template
  • 30 Slides with morph transition (only work on office 365 subscription or office 2019 above)
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and drag image
  • Roboto font
  • pttx. format

Password: black765

Morph transition preview here: