Black and White Free Google Slide Template

Black and White Free Google Slide Template

Black and White Free Google Slide Template. The free Google slide template has a variety of free presentation slides to download. One of them is black and white free Google slide template. Indeed, a black and white presentation template is still interesting to use to create an interesting and eye-catching presentation slide. Let’s check the details of this free download template. 

Black and White Free Google Slide Template to Create a Simple, Modern, and Attracting Presentation

Suitable for Simple and Modern Presentation

Anytime you want to create a simple presentation, you can use black and white Powerpoint template. Although the presentation looks simple the design is modern. You can combine a text and image, graphics, and many more in only black and white. As a result, the audience focuses on the point of your presentation because they are attracted to your presentation slides.    

Give You a Variety of Black and White Presentation Slides 

The good thing is that the free Google slide template doesn’t give you only one type of slide. You can download up to 30 slides along with its morph transition. Just make sure that you are downloading the black and white presentation slides along with Office 2019 or above. It is a simple way to get a presentation template for free. Later, you can use some of the templates or even all of them to create an interesting and attractive presentation. 

Support You to Create an Attracting Presentation 

Besides supporting you with 30 different slides with morph transition, black and white powerpoint template by Google is also using a unique font known as Roboto font. The template doesn’t include image and you can still find the images you need to support the presentation. You just need to add and drag the image you want to use to the Powerpoint template and you are ready to use the slide. You can add a variety of images including a rectangle, square, triangle, round, or abstract image. To make your slide attracting, you can use the black color for the background and white for the text or the opposite. Moreover, you can also combine two or three images with text in a slide. To give a different touch on the template, there is also a small brown shape that also included in it. The shape looks like a sticky note on your presentation template. Those combinations make your presentation slides more interesting to see although it is only in the form of black and white. 

The Suitable Application 

Based on the simplicity of the black and white free Google slide template, you can use it for any kind of presentations. It is suitable for formal, business, or informal presentations such as explaining about your new fashion products, sales graphics, steps, and many more. The simple design will make your audience comfortable while enjoying your presentation. They can read the information on the slides without disturbed by too many patterns or colorful detail on the presentation slide.      

So, if you need to create a presentation immediately, it is better to choose a simple Powerpoint presentation template. Black and white free Powerpoint template can be one of your best options because it is simple without any complicated patterns or colorful detail that will make your template looks crowded. 

Black and White Free Google Slide Template
  • 30 Slides
  • Image JPG doesn’t include
  • Easy Add and replace image
  • Roboto font
  • Free for personal use only

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